Transition Together

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How to


The concept of this site is to find the information you are searching for in less than 3 clicks.

For example, if you would like information about Bullying, you would click into our “Emotions and Feelings” button, then click into “Bullying” and up would come the information you are searching for.

If searching for a disabled buss pass, click into “Transport” then “Free Bus Pass” the the form you need to apply for a pass will automatically upload. We have a search option if you are unable to find the information you are looking for.

It is a safer and easier way to find the information you need. This is a signposting resource and it contains national and local links, if you have come across any information you think needs to go onto this site, then please email us and let us know on the “Contact a Case Manager” tab – found at the top of the page.

The site was developed with the help of the young people on our caseload in 2010; it is to assist people with disabilities or long term health conditions, their friends, family, carers and professionals.

“Transition Together” found in the top right hand corner can be used as a go back button.