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New Years message from Action Jackson’s ‘Fix up Team’

Posted on January 11th, 2012 by Kathie

Evaluating Our Goals

So the holiday festivities are over and we’re back in the mixer again! The ‘honeymoon’ season is drawing to a close so let’s get down to the serious business of evaluating our goals.  I only just started I hear you say! Ahh but what about last year.  Because that is where the real evaluation needs to take place.  We have to look back at what we did before, whether successful or not, and realize where we can do better.  This evaluation usually reveals two things – our goals were unrealistic in the time set, or our strategy for delivering it was not good enough or lacking completely.  It’s OK though! These are errors we all make!  Being aware of them and creating new plans will make your 2012 goals that much stronger!

 So grab your pen and paper (or Ipad!) and get ready for some good ol’ evaluating

 Quick Tips for Evaluation

 Identify your most important goals from last year

  1. Try and pick the ones which are most similar to the ones you are aiming for currently
  2. Type or Write what you did right in those previous attempts and what you did wrong (this is the key area)
  3. Identify action’s from what you did wrong and how you can improve your strategy (eg by perhaps making yourself accountable, or by having constant reminders of your goal?)
  4. Implement them into your current goals 
  5. Evaluate again after 1-3 months and see how its working
  6. Rinse and repeat!

  The Fix Up Team

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